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Apple Pie -(Maple Syrup) 20g protein

Fresh organic apples with organic cinnamon,  all the main flavors of apple pie. We added a NEW ingredient to make this a vegan cookie, maple syrup is now topping this great tasting cookie. 

Our cookies are baked at a low oven temperature to ensure enzymes and other vital nutrients are preserved during the baking process. This method is exclusive, and gives the cookie its luxurious texture and taste. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Vegan & Gluten Free, No Soy, No Added Sugar, NON GMO, No Preservatives, No Additives, and No Enhancers. 4"x4", 1.5" thick.
5 oz

Apple Pie -(Maple Syrup) 20g protein

  • ,SERVING SIZE: 1 SERVING (142g), 1 SERV. AMOUNT PER SERVING, CAL 260, FAT CAL 70, TOTAL FAT 8g (12% dv), SAT FAT 1.5g (8% dv). TRANS FAT 0, CHOLEST. 0 (0% dv), SODIUM 60mg (3% dv), POTASSIUM 210mg (6% dv), TOTAL CARB 29g (10% dv), FIBER 5g (20% dv), SUGARS 7g, PROTEIN 20g (40% dv), VITAMIN A (70% dv), VITAMIN C (6% dv), CALCIUM (10% dv), IRON (6% dv).


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